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The 48 Ways

There are 48 Ways to acquire ultimate wisdom. They are listed in Pirkei Avot 6:6. Below Rabbi Willis of Aish South Africa gives over a brief perspective for each way.

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Way no.1 – Study


Way no.2 – Listen


Way no.3 – Using speech


Way no.4 – Self understanding


Way no.5 – The power of awe


Way no.6 – Loving to fear


Way no.7 – Humility


Way no.8 – The power of joy


Way no.9 – Purity – part 1


Way no.9 – Purity – part 2


Way no.10 – Serving the wise man


Way no.11 – The role of a friend


Way no.12 – Teachers and students


Way no.13 – Searching your mind of wisdom


Way no.14 – Accessing the written Torah


Way no.15 – Accessing the Oral Torah


Way no.16 – Minimise business 


Way no.17 – Minimise derech eretz


Way no.18 – Minimise physical pleasure


Way no.19 – Minimise sleep


Way no.20 – Minimise conversation


Way no.21 – Minimise laughter


Way no.22 – Conquering anger


Way no.23 – Harnessing a good heart


Way no.24 – Belief in the wise man


Way no.25 – Accepting pain


Way no.26 – Knowing your place


Way no.27 – Happiness 


Way no.28 – Making a fence for your things 


Way no.29 – Don’t take credit 


Way no.30 – Being beloved 


Way no.31 – Loving G-d


Way no.32 – Loving people 


Way no.33 – Love righteousness 


Way no.34 – Love the straight path 


Way no.35 – Love criticism – part 1  


Way no.35 – Love criticism – part 2 


Way no.36 – Keeping yourself from honour 


Way no.37 – Making everything new 


Way no.38 – Don’t take joy in decisions


Way no.39 – Caring for people


Way no.40 – Weighing to the side of merit


Way no.41 – Standing up on truth part 1


Way no.41 – Standing up on truth part 2


Way no.42 – Bringing a person to inner piece


Way no.43 – Desiring to learn



Way no.44 – He asks and answers


Way no.45 – He hears and adds – The key to creativity


Way no.46 – Learn in order to teach


Way no.47 – Learn in order to do


Way no.48 – He makes his teacher wise


Way no.49 – Organising and directing what you have


Way no.50 – He says it in the name of the one who said it


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