Powerful ideas for thinking Jews


As you know, sometimes life gets so busy that we don’t get a chance to step back and think about things that are really important to think about like: Can I ensure that my life will be successful and if so how? (& what actually is success anyway?) What will add to and what will detract from my happiness? How can I have great relationships with the important people in my life when they are so different from me? And other important things…

Well, at I hope to throw out an exciting, interesting, relevant idea every now and then, that is worth pondering and that will upgrade your life in some way. In this way, even if you’re really busy or you find that you get caught up in various things and don’t often schedule time to step back and to think about those things that are really worth thinking about, you can just click on the latest blog post at and connect to something really worth thinking about 😀.

I hope you enjoy 😀.

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