I once blogged about how small things done consistently over time, for better or for worse, add up to make huge differences in our lives.

An example I gave was Cherry who brushes her teeth every morning and night whereas Kyle doesn’t. Won’t there be a significant difference between the health of their teeth after a year?! And this principle of course applies across the board in every area of our lives… Our diet or exercise routine, or lack of it, adds up to make big differences over time… The way we treat others… Our spiritual habits…  

As Anne Frank put it: “We make our choices… and then our choices make us!”

I love that!

So… This being the case, I had a thought to apply this idea to Shabbos.

What do I mean?

What I mean is that for the Shabbos of the Shabbos project, thousands of people who may not usually keep Shabbos will be have kept it, or at least a part of it… Also, many people who anyway keep every Shabbos will have made  be thinking of their Shabbos Project Shabbos more special than usual…

The question that crossed my mind is, however, … What about the Shabbos following Shabbos project? Do things go back to status quo for the next 50 weeks or so until the next Shabbos Project in 2018?

So I had this idea… Maybe we can use the energy of the Shabbos Project to empower not only our invovlement in that Shabbos… but also… Maybe we can use that energy to also spark one tiny change, one incy wincy upgrade in the Shabbos’s that we will pass through in the weeks following the Shabbos Project (regardless of whether we usually keep Shabbos or not).

For example, someone who normally goes out clubbing or to a movie or whatever on a Friday night, what tiny thing could they choose to do each week for Shabbos that they could sustainably continue? Perhaps lighting candles before sunset followed by taking 30 seconds to say a prayer?… 

If someone does keep Shabbos each week, what tiny upgrade to one part of their Shabbos can they make that is sustainable? Perhaps, if one isn’t doing so already, adding a weekly good question for discussion to the Friday night meal – maybe from the book What If – or a Shabbos song or two, or going around the table sharing personal hashgacha scenarios from the week (scenarios where you saw Hashem’s hand in your life – what some people call coincidences…).

In other words, the potentially powerful question that I am sharing with you in this blog post is…

Regardless of whether you currently keep Shabbos or not, what’s one small, sustainable ‘thing’ that you would like add to the Shabbos’s that you will pass through after the Shabbos Project? 

Isn’t this a great question to ponder?

We all want to grow as we go through life and using the momentum of the Shabbos project to help us choose one tiny thing that we can do consistently is an amazing way to do that!

Until next time 😀

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