Shalom 😀

There is a teacher of kabbalah (with the endorsement of world recognised, esteemed Rabbis) who has a very special online course.

This course is called The Elevation Mastery Program

(click here for the website)

The teacher of the course, Rabbi Doniel Katz, is an amazing teacher – teaching in a language that you can understand with your mind and experientially. He describes the course as follows:

“The course reveals the Torah’s definitive model of human psychology and consciousness, providing the next-level keys for true self-mastery, emotional transformation, and unparalleled spiritual experience…” 

I am sharing this on ThinkingJew.com as I have done the first level of the course, which I think is fantastic, and although there is a fee to do the full course as it is costing Rabbi Katz a lot of money to film and set up this program online, Rabbi Katz has released the 1st 3 classes for free. That is what I am sharing here.

Here is the link for 1st 3 classes of the course: http://global.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=08945114ec7934c6ca9fa7068&id=9378aaf60d&e=d63b6d5673

The classes are long. Each one is about 2 hours or slightly more. But they are worth the time!

Maybe make a time with a friend to watch the first one together. You’ll have someone to discuss it with.

Wishing you well 😀

To find out more about when the online program restarts for a new group, you can leave your email address on the site to be kept in the loop, here’s the link again.