What would go through your mind if you suddenly just popped into existence for the first time, as you are right now?

Go on… Why don’t you imagine right now that you just popped into existence? You take a look at yourself for the first time and at the world around you… What thoughts and questions would be bouncing around inside your head?

Perhaps “Wow!” “Who am I?” “What am I?” “What is this place around me?” “Why am I here?”

Why don’t we have these thoughts and questions bouncing around our mind every morning when we wake up – or every night when we lie in bed before we fall asleep?

I think a part of the reason is because as a baby, after we actually did pop into existence in this world, we didn’t have the intellectual capabilities to ask those questions and by time we did, we had grown used to and taken for granted our own existence and the existence of everything in the world around us.

Most people you know will go to school and then possibly higher education… they’ll learn a skill set that will help them make money. They may well use that money to pay for a place to call home and for food to eat – we need this type of stuff to live… but why are we living?! Why are we here?!

It would be a shame for a person to live a whole life but not ask and get clear answers for these questions…

Why don’t you take a moment out right now to imagine that you just popped into existence and that as you look at yourself and the world around you for the first time, you are forced to exclaim: “Wow!” And to ask yourself: “Who am I?” “What am I?” “What is this place?” “Why am I here?”

This is a great exercise to do to help us see ourselves and the world around us with new eyes and to reconnect to who we are and what we doing here in a fresh way – instead of getting caught up in the old trap of running on autopilot.

(If you don’t feel that you have 100% clarified your answers to the questions mentioned above, don’t worry. They are available! If you truly want them and seek them sincerely, you will find them!)