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Daily Emuna Audios Available For You To Send Out on What’s App

Shalom 😀

Below you will find the first 25 Daily Emuna audios.

If you’d like to send out these really popular and powerful Daily Emuna audios to a What’s App group that you will make for this purpose – please be in touch and I’ll happily send you all the recordings via What’s app so they’ll be easy to forward.

Contact details: What’s App number: +27 83 268 9022 or

I’ll also happily send you an Icon for your What’s app group. For instance one like this…

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No. 1 – Worry free life


No. 2 – How much is Hashem really


No. 3 – Emuna is the root of all positive character traits


No. 4 – Living with nobility


No. 5 – There is only one Boss


No. 6 – Giving Emuna is giving life


No. 7 – No regrets


No. 8 – Bitachon (Trust in Hashem) produces miracles


No. 9 – The Guarantor


No. 10 – Is Hashems hand to short?


No. 11 – Hashem guards your life 


No. 12 – Hashem is always watching


No. 13 – Recognising Hashem in your life


No. 14 – Hashem loves us


No. 15 – Recognise your blessings 


No. 16 – Why doesn’t Hashem show us why it is good?


No. 17 – Emuna brings blessing


No. 18 – Accepting Hashem’s will


No. 19 – Emuna cures illness


No. 20 – Open our eyes


No. 21 – Hashem thinks about your problem more than you do


No. 22 – Don’t lose hope


No. 23 – Why worry?


No. 24 – Need money? no problem.


No. 25 – Only Hashem is in charge



The material is being taken directly from the Amazing Artscroll book:

Living Emuna

by Rabbi David Ashear.

Available in all good Jewish bookshops.

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