Hi 😀 Welcome to my blog called “Thinking Jew”.

As you know, sometimes life gets so busy with important or not so important things that we don’t leave ourselves a chance to step back and think about those things that really are important to think about like:

I want to live a successful life but WHAT TRULY IS ‘SUCCESS’? And how can I ensure that I will achieve it? What are the factors that will increase my happiness and what will detract from it? Is there a purpose to existence and if so WHAT IS IT!? How can I vanquish frustration and negativity from my relationships. And other important things…

So, in this blog I hope to throw out a very relevant idea every now and then that hopefully you will really enjoy and benefit from pondering. In this way, even if you’re really busy or find you get caught up in various things and don’t always schedule time to step back and think about those things that are really worth while to ponder, you can just click on the link that I send and you can benefit from some ready made ‘stimulating and enriching thoughts’ right here 😀.

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