A question can change your life!!!

Did you know that?

All you need to do is take 7 minutes out of your busy life to ask yourself and answer the right question.

Taking 7 minutes out to ask and answer for yourself the right penetrating question can give you the means to get huge amounts of self knowledge. This can benefit you in so many ways…

Here are a few examples of such power questions:

  • Q1: What do I truly yearn for? — (If you take the time to write the heading “What do I yearn for?” and then look inwards to your true inner yearnings so you can write your list, you will be making a list of all the goals YOU TRULY WANT TO ATTAIN IN YOUR LIFE. Many people who do this exercise actually find that they are surprised at some of the answers that come to them when they ask this question… Answers which were previously completely off their goal list.)
  • Q2: What is the number 1 thing that holds me back? — (Knowing and accepting your biggest flaw or challenge is the first step to dealing with it. One can’t set up a plan to work on one’s number 1 flaw or challenge if they first don’t identify what it is and accept it!)
  • Q3: What are my 5 highest values? —(Sometimes we choose in life to go with the flow and take jobs or enter relationships or do all sorts of other stuff, simply because the option to do so came up. Now this might not always be a bad thing – but sometimes it is… Taking the time out to think through and identify the 5 values that are most important to us will give us a clear measuring stick which we can use to check whether the opportunities that come our way are really in line with who we want to be and what we want to direct our time and energy towards. It also helps us be more proactive with our goal setting as it will help us get super clear about what we want.)

Last one for now… And this a really CRAZY question to have clarity on and in fact is probably the most important question one can ever ask themselves and clarify:

  • Q4: Why was ‘I’ (specifically) put here in this world? — (You may think that there is no way one can answer this. Believe it or not, one can get a lot of clarity in this question… Try – see what you come up with 😀. To get some insight into how to approach this question, feel free to check out 2 other popular ThinkingJew articles: My Definition of Success and How To Figure Out Your Contribution To The World. )

So there you have it, 4 powerful questions that you can ask yourself. Sometimes the answers do take more than 7 minutes of contemplation… But 7 minutes is a good start and any effort put in will be really worth it!

So… Here’s the challenge for you: Take 7 minutes out… Turn off the TV, your computer, your phone… Get yourself some paper and a pen… write down one of these four questions at the top of the paper (or another powerful question)… And then start the wonderful process of answering.

Thank you for reading! 😀

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