Now, have you ever wondered what the definition of success is?…

So…  in my humble understanding there is only one true definition for success and it universally applies to everyone no matter who they are.

I know that sounds counter intuitive and a person may well disagree based on the reason that people are so different! – For instance someone might say, “How can ‘success’ for let’s say a quadriplegic who sadly has no family or friends to help her be the same as success for a brilliant genius with a supportive, wealthy family and many friends!?”

I hear the question and it’s a fair one. Let me share with you my definition of success and perhaps you will agree with the idea that I’m presenting…

So here’s my definition of success:

Success is… doing that which you were put here to do – becoming that which you were put here to become.  

What I mean by this is:

  • FIXING (within yourself) the flaws you were put here to fix.
  • CONTRIBUTING (to the world around you) that which you were put here to contribute.
  • LEARNING that which you were put here to learn.
  • BECOMING the person that you were put here to become (which will come from you bringing out and actualising the qualities and greatness that lies within you).

Each of us, when we were ‘put’ into this world were given our own unique portfolio of strengths, abilities and resources and we were also given the flaws within us that challenge us every day and specific challenges that come from the environment around us. 

So… ‘exactly what’ we have to fix, to contribute, to learn and to actualise will be different for every person, but, the fact that we are each here ‘to fix, contribute, learn and actualise ourselves’ (according to our own unique portfolio of inner resources and challenges) is true for all of us — In fact, our progress in these 4 areas is nothing less than the true measuring stick that will define our ‘success’ in life.

What do you think of my definition of success? (Please write your thoughts / comments below).

Until next time 😀

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