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So I would REALLY like to hear your thoughts on the topic that I am going to be raising here.

If you type something into the comments section below I will definitely read it and you will make my day! 😀😀😀

The topic is SUCCESS and I’m opening it up with a very simple, but very important question…

If you were asked to put together a simple guide to teach others how to become a success, what specific factors or advise would you include?

(Why don’t you pause for a moment and think of at least one factor before reading on?)

I personally would say that one of the first things that one needs to do in order to become a ‘success’ is to define it. I.e. To answer the question…

  • What specifically does it mean to be a success?

And you know there’s another question that comes up when one starts thinking about this…

Is success ‘subjective’ or is it ‘objective? – Meaning do I choose what success for me is and other people can choose something completely different and whatever we each choose, if we achieve that we are successful, or, is there an objective, universal definition of success that will be the same for every person?

I’d love to hear what you have to say regarding these 2 questions that I have raised:

1) What are some of the main factors that you think will create success? (You can write them in the comments area below).

2) What is your definition of success and do you think it’s subjective or objective?

This topic will, please G-d, be continued…

For now, I’m really looking forward to hearing even any thoughts that you’d like to share. 😀

Until next time… 😀

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