May you and your family have a sweet and meaningful new year –  May you be inscribed and sealed in the book of life!!!

As I come to the end of a year of blogging on ThinkingJew, I want to share something with you… The blog title “ThinkingJew” was intended to describe you the reader of this blog, not me the writer… I pray that please G-d, in the new year, you will have a year to come of meaningful thinking, meaningful pursuits and meaningful accomplishments.

I’ll leave you with my 5 favourite blog posts from this past year. (Please G-d with more to come in the year ahead)

  1. 7 Things To Love About Being Jewish

  2. The 10 Components To A Profoundly Happy Life

  3. How To Figure Out Your Contribution To The World

  4. Are You A CLOUD or a Sun? Banishing Frustration From Your Relationships

  5. You Make Your Choices… Then Your Choices Make You! – Mornings